Second ChanceProm ®

Who Says You Can't Go Back?

About The Event


"My wife had never gone to her prom in 1983 and mine was miserable because I was forced to go with my mom's friend's daughter. Second Chance Prom gave us both the chance to do it the right way. The dinner, dancing and the hotel room after were all amazing. We'll be back next year and the year after that. Thanks for the time of our lives"  Martin J. Corcoran

"I never thought I could dance that much. The Commodores were awesome and I couldn't keep my eyes off my husband who looked so yummy in his tux. They say you can't turn back the hands of time, but you sure did on Friday night. I felt like I was 17 again and this time, we drank legally. Thanks for the fun."  Michelle Atkinson


The Concept: A first class evening of fun and dancing with a "prom" theme for adults who either loved their high school prom and want to do it all over, or those who missed it the first time and want a "second chance". Target Audience is Adults 25-44 or 45-64.


Location: Hotel Ballroom, Theater or Casino

Promotion/Advertising:  Carefully selected local radio partner in each event market. Focus on station's high profile morning show talent who serve as emcees/hosts for the night. Artist interviews and testimonials. Specially designed webpage, print.

Entertainment: National recording artists and performers, Full production. Venue decorated for maximum thematic impact. Turn-key support from the Second Chance Prom ® team every step of the way.